7 Of Our Favourite Surf Spots Around The World

We all love our Cornish offerings and we are blessed to have so many good spots through both the north and south coast. But surfing is all about travelling, spending time with your friends and loving life.  So here is a list of our favourite waves from around the world.

1. Pipeline & Backdoor - Hawaii

The most famous wave in the world. A flagship wave which all others are compared to.  Breaking just metres from the shore you can feel the power just standing on the sand and watching.  Dangerous reefs with cave pockets to get trapped in, but will offer the best ride of your life.

2. Rincon Point - Southern California

Arguably one of the best waves in the world.  A long right hand point break that will make your legs burn like deep heat in your eyes.

3. Jeffrey’s Bay - South Africa

The longest and most perfect right hand point break known to man.  With 10 sections along a 1,000 metre ride there is something for everyone.  Watch out for those sharks though.

4. Trestles - Southern California

Full of cobblestones and famous for the fast bowling rights.  A favourite with pros and up and coming groms.

5. Anchor Point - Morocco

Discovered in the 60’s by Aussie travellers, this Moroccan point break has become a world favourite.  Long rides with massive speed walls to take you down the point.

6. Snapper Rocks - Australia

Starting behind the rocks (which is super gnarly) you can be offered big dredging square barrels before progressing down to the beach past Little Marley into Rainbow Bay.  Super fun and one of Australia favourite waves.

7. Cloudbreak / Restaurants - Fiji

A tiny island that offers two really powerful waves (one of Kelly Slater’s favourite spots).  Restaurants will offer perfect right hand walls with nice barrel sections whilst Cloudbreak is a big waves spot for those with big enough kahunas to make the drop and pull in.


Written by Kristian Maxwell
(we're on the lookout for guest writers for the Boardmasters website. Earn your 2016 ticket, apply here)

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