Lamps that grow plants in windowless spaces!

The incredible guys from Studio We Love Earms have created these amazing, and not to mention beautiful lamps, that allow you to grow plants in windowless spaces!

The boys explain 'We think that plants are playing an increasingly significant role in our urban environment. The conditions for growing have always been the intensive care and plenty of natural light. So we decided to design the mygdal plant light to greenery to grow in windowless spaces as hotels or restaurants. It doesn’t require any human care like ventilation or irrigation. The plant light makes use of the physical similarity between Led and sunlight. Thus, the plants can perform photosynthesis. The luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow undisturbed for years. The standing lamp provides a new type of electrically conductive glass coating (patent requested), which is able to stream the electricity invisible along the surface. There is no longer a cable connection between the power source and the Led necessary. This technical innovation opens up absolutely new opportunities in greenery design". Pretty incredible hay?!

By Emilie Layla Lovaine

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