Behind The Lens With Matty Snelling

Hey Matty! For those reading, tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Matty Snelling and I’m currently based in St Ives, Cornwall. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but only in the last year (with some support from close friends) have I managed to take it to the next step and starting doing it as a job. I’ve been lucky enough to work with RVCA, Raen, Oakley, Rhythm and more on an editorial basis, which has been great! Hopefully I can work with many more great brands and inspirational people as time goes on.

How would you describe your photography in 5 words?

Simple creations through my lens.

What are some of your passions that influence your photography style?

Surfing and the great outdoors play a massive part in what I love to shoot, but working and playing with natural light is a really nice thing to do too. People, culture, travel and experiences are the remedy that make a good photo for me.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?

I have a soft spot for the sea; clear blue water with some nice waves and good friends ripping.

Have you any trips or exciting projects coming up?

I have a New Zealand trip coming up with some close friends of mine for a company called “Vouch” I'm pretty amped about as I have never been there and only heard great things.

What is your preferred equipment to shoot on?

Right now I run between Canon and Sony. The one that see’s alot of action on a day to day basis is my Sony a6000: great little all around camera, small, compact and produces very fine pictures.

What would you like viewers to take away from your work?

I guess I hope that people can think of some of my shots as timeless, and take them into a photo/ day-dream, thats what I get when I look at some really nice shots.

Who are some photographers that you admire and respect yourself?

I really like the look of Morgan Maassen and Chris Grundy’s work right now, the way they view a picture, and the play they have in an edit is really inspiring. I met Chris Grundy on a trip to Sydney when he was still studying and not yet publishing photos. Watching him grow as a photographer and his style in editing and framing change has been pretty cool.

Have you any tips or advice that you would give to someone wanting to get into photography?

The only advice I have (and I say it to myself all the time) is: The more time you spend shooting and playing and getting creative in different situations, the more you learn about how you like to shoot, what you like to shoot and the style you're looking to have.

If you could shoot with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

This is a tricky one, but Chris Burkard would definitely be up there.


Take a look at some of Matty's favourite photos & learn the story behind them...

This was the first snippet of the session, I was running late with housing in hand and couldn’t resist to snap this half way down the hill as a friend of mine put himself in a picturesque moment

​Another beautiful day on the Cornish coastline, I took the lip on my head to get my pal Mihaka in perfect viewing pleasure throught the view finder

Kicking sand on the beach has always been a thing I've done since being a kid, got to be one of my favourites, this one!

On a very windy day these sticks stood strong all day. A very simple photo but I just loved the colours

Surfed out and wanting to get some pictures from this iconic spot one evening, this young ripper was a pleasure to watch zoom past the lens

A nice mistake this one, as I was a bit out of position. Glad I was though; the view from here is something you don't capture often. Loved the outcome in the end

I took so many photos of this, I was addicted to it and freaking out how much it looked like a surfing break! It was a Tee Tree lake

Swimming around with my girlfriend in a lovely lake one evening. I love how this one came out

This one is from an anti Trump rally in Berlin (one or two days after he was voted president). The photo speaks for itself, I think. I really love how passionate this guy was

Two friends sitting in a boat in a picturesque place

We recommend following Matty's adventures on instagram and checking out his wonderful website!

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