Behind The Lens With Woody Gooch

Hi Woody, for those reading, tell us a little about yourself...

My names Woody Gooch and I’m 22 years of age. I have just moved from Tokyo to San Francisco for a change of lifestyle for myself and my work. I started taking photos at the age of 14 of my friends skateboarding at my local skatepark most afternoons. It faintly became a method of driving me most days to go outside and look for something in the something. Now its a full-time job, travelling, meeting new people, exploring new mediums of my work and working with a wide range of new clients such as Dior Paris, MoMA, Corona, Nikon and many others.

How would you describe your photography in 5 words?

I hope you love it.

What are some of your passions that influence your photography style?

The people I choose to have around me everyday.

Have you a favourite place to shoot?

There’s no ifs or buts that my home break is my favourite place to shoot and surf with my friends.

Any trips or exciting projects coming up?

Im trying on getting over to Mongolia for a personal trip with a good friend of mine soon. My exciting trips are always very spontaneous.

What is your preferred equipment to shoot on?

I’ve just got myself a new toy (mamiya 7ii) which is stirring a lot of motivation to work differently but I love my old Nikon d700. I shoot all Nikon.

What would you like viewers to take away from your work?

To be inspired to find their own way of making people stop in their own footsteps.

Who are some photographers that you admire and respect?

Ah, there’s too many to throw out. I appreciate all mediums of photography. I have inspirations and they change daily. I admire those that are still doing what they do for them and keep their persistency and consistency flow.

What tips or advice would you give to someone wanting to get into photography?

Do it for fun and maybe it’ll develop into a profession, but I would advise people to not start out into a profession. If the end is what you're aiming for I think you're on the wrong road.

If you could shoot with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Big L - a young lived hip hop artist from NYC who was killed at an early age.

Take a look at some of Woody's favourite shots and the story behind them...

The morning glow on the North Shore of Hawaii

When spontaneity...

Lex stroking back for more, Sri Lanka

In between those long waited lulls...

Slithers of the last remaining minutes of sun in the bay of Dunedin, New Zealand

The bitter and fierce winds of Agadir, Morocco

Waianae range standing bold in its beauty

Indecisive waits. Pipeline

The weight of home

Moroccan highways...

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