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Cornish talent Daisy Clark is one of the many artists playing at Boardmasters this Summer. Recently she found herself in the limelight, trending on iTunes and getting millions of views on her videos. We had a chat to get to know this lovely lady...

Hey Daisy! As an artist, where would you say you sit in terms of genre?

I would say I fall under the folk category. But also I guess singer/ songwriter.

You have over 140 videos on your Youtube channel, but which was your favourite to cover?

It has got to be ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ just because it did so well. 12 million views in total!! Weird to know so many people have seen my face and have heard me sing. Especially because I’m just sat there in my room like “hey”.

A lot of people originally heard you sing when Music Crowns shared your video, how have they helped you?

Music Crowns saw some of my videos and got in touch saying they would like to work with me. They shared ‘Take Me To Church’ and ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’  online and got millions of views. They then invited me to go and meet with them in London and it all kicked off from there.

Something we all want to know, have you got anything exciting coming soon?

Hopefully I am going to release an original single (yessss),  I’ve been in the studio a lot recording and writing some of my own songs. It is so weird seeing my songs go from a YouTube video to a full production, I have almost cried listening to back to some of them.

How do you even start to write an original song?

To be honest I get asked that a lot and I don’t really know. It is always different. Sometimes I start with my guitar and sometimes I start with writing the lyrics.

We are looking forward to you playing at Boardmasters this year, how do you feel?

So excited!! For the past couple of years I have performed on The View stage but I didn’t have a big following back then, just the Cornish locals. I still got asked for photos and autographs but now after releasing my first single I’m excited to see what the reaction is going to be like.

Have you thought about what you are going to play for us this year?

I have a bit of a bad habit… I usually write my set list like the night before I perform. Once I even wrote it an hour before. Woops!

Talk to us about a day in the life of Daisy Clark….

If I am in London then I’m usually up to meet my manager fairly early. Then we are off to the studio. The we go back to London. The we go and do a gig. Then go back to the studio and then back for another gig. It is always so busy! If I am back home in Cornwall, its way more chilled out. I will spend my time writing songs, making Youtube videos and going to local gigs.

Okay, so picture this… you are on a deserted island and have been told you are allowed three items... what would you choose?

My Guitar
My Notebook (and maybe a pen if that counts as one)
And I feel like I should ask for something practical, but I don’t know what it is yet. Maybe my computer but there would be no wifi haha.

Quick Fire Round

Tea or coffee? Coffee!

Dogs or cats? Dogs!

Pizza or burgers? Pizza!

Toothpaste first or water first? Toothpaste!

City or beach? Beach!


Download Daisy’s cover of ‘ Hopelessly Devoted To You”  from iTunes, and catch her at Boardmasters this Summer! Tickets available here


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