Go Behind The Scenes Of Our Sand Art Video

The Location: Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall.

The Intention: Create and film sand art, revealing Boardmasters 2017 main stage headliners.

The Challenge: In an open landscape, make sure nobody saw what was going on. Time was of the essence.

The Crew: Sand artist Ed Stanbury, director Tim and pilots Sam and James.

The team were on location for the duration of the tidal movement, with crucial points to capture the art work and an impossibly fast incoming tide due to Northerly winds pushing the waves in earlier than expected.

"There were times we honestly didn’t think we could all pull it off," director Tim says, "Ed was running around out of breath for the entire 5 hours."

After the team had captured all the images they needed, they made a mad dash up the cliff with all 25kg of filming kit to capture the reveal before the tide got the better of them. The area they were filming is famous for its cliff hike stairs, which are closed by a gate this time of year. "After spending a good 20 minutes on what felt like a section of Mount Everest, we had around 5 minutes to capture the reveal before the sand art was wiped away by the tide forever. No pressure!" - Tim

Well, the talented team managed to get the shot they needed in very windy conditions and even the odd drip of rain. How amazing does it look?

The final result is breath-taking, and we're stoked the guys managed to bring our idea to life!

Catch the full video below


Sand Artist Ed Stanbury | Filming Team Light Colour Sound

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