Sand Water Bottle Workout

Travelling around often means you don’t have access to any of your standard gym equipment and sometimes the thought of doing your workout in the gym is just not motivating. This is why we've created the sand water bottle workout; recycle any of those old water bottles you have lying around by filling them with sand and making them into weights!

Conversion weight table (averages when filled with sand)

1 Litre bottle = 1.5kg
1.5 Litre bottle = 2.3kg
2 Litre bottle = 3.1kg
2.5 Litre bottle = 3.8kg
3 Litre bottle = 4.6kg
5 Litre bottle = 7.65kg

Alternatively, if you don’t have sand available just fill with water! 1 litre = 1kg

So, armed with this information here are 6 exercises you can perform using your DIY weights. Scroll further down to see a little circuit you could also use them in.


1. Russian Twists

Sitting down on your mat, lift your legs so they are hovering off the ground. Allow them to bend at the knee. Lean slightly backwards until you can balance with you back straight and you are at a 45-degree angle to the floor. From here make sure you focus on tensing your abs. Holding your Sand-Bottle weight in both hands, twist your torso, arms and the weight to your left and then reverse the action by twisting to the right. Repeat this twisting from left to right. Do not let your feet or the weight touch the ground.


2. Squat to shoulder press

Holding your weight with both hands, stand on your mat with your feet a shoulders width apart. Perform a squat by bending at your knees and lowering down like you are about to take a seat, then go slightly lower.( push yourself ) . Keep your abs tight, back straight and make sure your knees don’t turn in. At this point the weight should be being held by both hands between your legs. Extend your legs, pushing through your heels and simultaneously bring the weight up to your chest into a bicep curl. Keep following through this movement until your arms are extended above your head. Then press the arms back down towards your shoulders. As you finish the shoulder press and the arms are returning to your chest, start the motion again , beginning with the squat.


3. Lunges with torso twist

Hold the weight with both hands, with your arms bent at the elbow in a 90 degree angle. Step forward with your right leg first and bend both legs in a lunge, keeping abs tight. Make sure the pull your inner thighs in. Once your left knee is just hovering above the floor twist your torso to the left. Reverse this back to the centre and pull your left leg back to standing. Repeat this motion on the other side putting your left leg forward.


4. Crazy ivans

Start in the same position as you would for a Russian twist.Holding the weight in both hands lift it just to the left above your head. Keeping your abs tensed bring the bottle down on the diagonal until it reaches your right hip, making sure to twist your torso along with it. Repeat this action on the same side until your time is up and then switch and perform on the opposite side.


5. Deadlift to bicep curl

Have your feet a little over shoulder width apart. Bend at your waist so you can hold the water bottle with both hands but let it touch the floor. Keeping your back straight and legs slightly bent at the knees straighten up, bringing the bottle up in-line with your wait. From here curl the bottle up to your chest and then reverse so its back down to your waist. Lower the bottle back to the floor folding at the waist.


6. Glute bridge

Lay on your back but with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lift your hips. Rest the sand filled bottle onto your hips and hold this position. Make sure to engage your abs and glutes. Hold this for the required time.




Do Each exercise for 30 seconds. 
Before and after each circuit perform 30 seconds of your choice of cardio*
2 min rest 
Then repeat X 3



Do each exercise for 40 seconds.
Before and after each circuit perform 30 seconds of your choice of cardio*
2 min rest
Then repeat X 3



Do each exercise for 1 min
Before and after each circuit perform 1 minute of your choice of cardio
2 min rest
Then repeat X 3 


Written by Josie Pearce

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