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Welcome to ‘Beyond The Break’ - a lifestyle series focusing on surfers who shape the UK surf scene and beyond; diving into their lives and getting to know them beyond the break. First up - Corinne!

[Photo credit ~ Megan Hemsworth]

Hi Corinne, thanks for taking part in 'Beyond The Break' – where are we reaching you from?

I am currently in Newquay getting ready for a winter season at home, but I am also getting ready for a trip to Norway this month which I am sure you can image I am extremely excited about. It’s been a destination I have always wanted to travel to and somehow it’s all fallen into place and I am heading off on a little cold water adventure with my husband Ben.

Can you tell us how you carved a career from free surfing, has it ever been smooth sailing?

It’s most definitely not been smooth sailing, quite the opposite at times infact. Every year I am negotiating contracts and unlike an 'employed' job you very rarely get a pay rise for good performance. Marketing are always the first to get cut when budgets are tight. When I first started out back in 2010 there weren’t many women earning livings as professional free surfers and I found it hard to convince brands that I would be a worthy investment without surfing competitively. But undeterred I worked hard, writing blogs, working with photographers and magazines to get as much publicity as I could. I almost felt like I had to prove a point and prove my worth. I have had to adapt and expand the range of brands and companies I work with to keep my dreams alive. With a few twists, turns and big highs and lows I finally feel quite content with where I am in my career but I am sure that won’t last, I have this uncontrollable urge to always be doing something new, so I am sure I will set myself new goals and challenges I have to achieve.

[Photo credit ~ Megan Hemsworth]

Not only are you a sponsored freesurfer, but you also manage your own Surf Tour, blog and regularly model – how do you juggle it all?

In all honesty I have no idea but my whole life currently feels like a juggling act. I guess when you love something and passionate about it you just make it work. Most people don’t know I work full time as well as surfing, modelling and blogging. I am Assistant Editor at SurfGirl and Event Coordinator at The Wave Project Monday to Friday, so I fill my weekends, evenings and holidays with all my other projects. Lucky for me everything I am doing ultimately has the common goal of getting more people into surfing which is my true passion, so I may be busy but I am happy. The surf tour for me (Corinne’s Surf Tour) doesn’t feel like work, getting more women into surfing is what I am passionate about so giving up my weekend to teach women and girls to surf, for me is a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Tell us a little more about working with The Wave Project...

I joined the Wave Project team back in January as their Events Coordinator. This basically means any fundraising events or individual fundraisers are organised or managed by me. It’s such an awesome charity which I love being a part of. To know that the funds raised by the events I organise will help children and young adults who are deemed in need is amazing! It’s a high pressure job but I love it.

[Photo credit ~ Megan Hemsworth]

There’s a saying, “love what you do and never work a day in your life” - have you any words of advice for those who are contemplating carving a path of their own?

Don’t contemplate it, do it.

This is very cliche but we spend about 80% of our time working, so why would you want to spend that much time doing something you hate? I know we all have to work and it’s not as easy as some bloggers make out to just give up everything and go travelling and in all honestly it’s not for everyone, but we can all make small changes to our work life that can bring more joy to our lives.

You encourage the importance of taking time out to de-stress and clear the mind – aside from surfing, what else helps you do this?

Aside from surfing the only thing that truly unwinds me is a coastal walk. Walking along the rugged Cornish Coastline and looking out at the Atlantic allows me to find peace. I just need to see the ocean and I feel a instant release for any stress I have.

You’ve travelled to some amazing places, where has been at the top of your list?

It is such a hard question to answer because every place I have travelled to has it’s own unique appeal but if am after my perfect surf and weather I would have to be the Maldives. I have such fond memories of this place and have been lucky enough to travel to it 3 times and I would go back in a heart beat.

As a Newquay local, can you describe what’s so special about the town, and also let us in on any must-visit spots?

I have such fondness for Newquay. It’s where I learnt to surf, where I met my husband and it's the place that inspired me to become a free surfer. There are so many beautiful corners in this town. If you’re ever in the area you simply have to visit Fistral Beach and surf the North end and if you get the chance to indulge in some delicious food then head to The Fish House, you won’t be disappointed. Head to Jam Jar for coffee and awesome homemade cakes and Safu for sushi. I feel like Newquay is on the up (after a little rocky few years) and I'm still stoked to call it my home.

And finally, what’s next in store for you?

I have plans to launch new surf events, a new business and expand my travel blogging. I guess you would say these are my big ambitions but my small ones are to have an epic winter at home, surfing my favourite waves and seeing more of my friends.

Sounds good to us!

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[Photo credit ~ Megan Hemsworth]

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