‘The Creature’ Is Coming To Boardmasters

We're proud to reveal that The Creature, Surfers Against Sewage's 15ft plastic pollution marine animal, is coming to Boardmasters 2019! Having made a big impact with just one prior appearance at The House of Commons, do not miss your chance to witness The Creature up on the cliffs of Watergate Bay.

The short film below, launched by environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage, tells the heart-breaking story of an unknown marine animal, which washes up on a stunning, sandy beach.





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The Creature outside The House of Commons in London

The Creature is a stark reminder that animals that have not yet been discovered, as well as those that have been, are facing the life-threatening realities of plastic pollution.

View Boardmasters' 2019 Sustainability Policy HERE and help us on our mission to run a sustainable event:


✓ Always remember to reduce, reuse, recycle

✓ Pack eco-friendly alternative camping items such as a bamboo toothbrush, biodegradable face wipes & biodegradable glitter

✓ Seek to borrow a tent from friends or family - do not purchase single use - and take your tent home

✓ Bring a reusable cup and/ or make use of the Boardmasters reusable cup scheme

✓ Bring a reusable water bottle and fill up at the many free water points around the campsites & Main Arena

✓ Travel green - see here for Big Green Coach, train travel and car share options

✓ Help keep the campsites clear, and return your bags of rubbish with the refundable Litter Bond scheme

✓ Take part in our daily Beach Cleans

✓ Make use of the recycling facilities all around the Main Arena and campsites

✓ Don't forget - take your tent home!

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