Come Behind The Scenes of our Night Surf Announcement Video

We hopped in the van for a surf trip to Wales to film a special Night Surf video for our first Boardmasters 2022 line up announcement. Head behind the scenes to see what went down...


Surf Snowdonia - Adventure Parc Snowdonia, Wales


Boardmasters pros & pals Luke DillonTassy Swallow and Lukas Skinner - filming with the good folks at Light Colour Sound

~ Photo credit CardiganUK ~


A cinematic night surf - lights... camera... action

Tim from LCS - The idea was to make something rad... we had an idea brewing for a film since the first wave at the Wavegarden in Spain got pushed down a river bank and went viral. After various pitches and cries of, "it can't be done!" we adapted the idea and the legends at Boardmasters went for it. Pools offer consistency of waves and the ability to safely manage a night shoot in the water. We wanted to create a bit of a dream world with various colours and smoke, utilizing layering effects in post-production to cut out the light and dark, creating this multi layer effect in the film. In essence creating three dimensions in the image through layers of front focus, middle focus and back focus. That all seems easy in a sentence but when waves are rolling through, it's dark and the wind carries the smoke off in the wrong direction - it seemed for a moment like we had barked up the wrong tree!

~ Photo credit - CardiganUK and Boardmasters ~


Shooting in the dark with crucial points to capture the shot - and making sure everyone didn't freeze! Lots of things sound easy in an email or etched into your mind but when it came down to it we had a few issues we couldn't have expected. An odd one was that the wave itself brought cold air with it - when the wave was 5ft away you'd be hit with this wall of cold, moist air and the cameras would fog up! I know right... how do you beat that? We knew we would have issues of some nature, so the back up plan was initiated - two cameras on one location, rather than two on two locations, and made the most of the lighting setup.

~ Photo credit - CardiganUK ~


We shot on 4 cameras. A RED dragon in a water housing, a Sony A7S3 in a water housing and a Freefly wave super slow motion camera in a water bag, shooting 500 frames per second. All cameras were shooting off-speed and they required very special lighting, specifically for filming slow motion. The lighting was arranged by John Crooks, the Gaffer on the shoot. He put in some hard yards! These lights are Arri M40's, they are really heavy and required carrying by small boat, lifting up a ladder and walking the 200m down the pontoon for setup. We then used external smoke guns creating a cloud of smoke. As the wind basically died off, this became a bit tricky as the smoke reacted differently with each wave. We then had some lighting tubes that changed colour, so we could add some depth to the image and colour.

~ Photo credit - CardiganUK and Boardmasters ~

After a few hours we had filmed a lot of waves, we got lucky and linked on some but also missed many. It was tough - the surfers were literally surfing in complete darkness before they got to us due to us not being able to light the take-off area, we had to avoid all light spill. On a time crunch... there were points when it was quite stressful but we knew with about 30 mins remaining we had a film in the can! It was a really solid effort from all surfers & crew involved and we can't thank the Surf Snowdonia - Adventure Parc Snowdonia crew enough for helping bring the vision to life.





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