Bike To Boardmasters presented by Rubicon Raw Energy

Bike To Boardmasters presented by Rubicon Raw Energy

Swap carbon footprints for green cycle paths and bike to the beach for Boardmasters 2022, with a 1-day cycle from Plymouth across the rural tracks of the idyllic Cornish countryside. Here is everything you need to know...

Journey details

Start Date: Wednesday 10th August
Start Point: Plymouth Train Station
Start Time: 09:00
Number of miles: 55
Hours of cycling: 6
Arrival Time: 18:00
End Point: Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay, TR8 4AN
Price: £65 One Way, £100 Return (return coach and bike transfer back to Plymouth on Monday 15th August 2022)
Ride Grading: Heart-raising: You'll enjoy this ride most if you have a good level of fitness, experience cycling 50 miles in a day and a healthy, adventurous spirit

Before you go on your Boardmasters cycling adventure you will be asked to fill out and accident waiver & release of liability form from Red Fox Cycling.



What's included?

A 1 day guided, supported cycle ride across the rural countryside of Devon and Cornwall. 

  • Hearty lunch

  • Support vehicle to serve up tasty road-side snacks & drinks, carry your festival kit and provide mechanical support
  • Optional return coach and bike transfer back to Plymouth after Boardmasters
  • Secure bike storage at Boardmasters


How difficult is this ride?

Heart-raising: This is a 55 mile ride with multiple hill climbs and is physically challenging. You'll enjoy the ride most if you have a good level of fitness, experience cycling 50 miles in a day and a healthy adventurous spirit. That said, we'll take it slow, have multiple breaks and complete the ride in a calm, relaxed and sociable way (not head down and charge!)


How do our bags and festival kit get to Boardmasters?

  • Riders are required to meet at Plymouth railway station with bags and camping equipment, where we’ll load them straight into our support van - handing them back over as we arrive at Boardmasters.
  • Strict luggage limit of 1 x 20kg bag and 1 x tent (up to 1 x additional small item like a camping chair or fold down table are acceptable). Please note we CANNOT accept any luggage over the limit as our van has a maximum payload which, legally, we cannot breach. It may be possible to add a small bag of food or crate of beer but please agree this with us in advance.


What if I'm struggling?

Our support van quadruples up as a luggage service, snack van, mechanical support wagon and taxi service! If you’re struggling, riders are welcome to jump in the van for certain sections or the rest of the day. This is not uncommon, and priority is to make sure everyone’s looked after and enjoying the experience.


Can kids do it?

All riders will have to be at least 18 years of age.


I'm travelling solo - can I join?

Yes! About a third of our riders tend to join solo. It’s always a friendly crowd!


How do I get home from Boardmasters?

You can book a £100 'return' journey back to Plymouth Train station on Monday 15th August. That means a dedicated cyclists' coach will take you & your bags back to Plymouth and the Red Fox team will transfer your bike back in our support van. We’ll hand your bike back as you get off the coach at Plymouth Train station. For those who do not need the return coach journey, you're welcome to make your own way home with your bike and festival kit.


Do we bring our own food?

No need! Lunch and snacks are included in the price. We always partner with local, sustainability-minded cafes and caterers. We’ll either enjoy as a picnic in the sun across idyllic spots along our route, or have a sit-down lunch indoors. 


Free ride

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