Just like lots of our fellow festivals and events, Boardmasters Festival will ask all ticket holders aged 11 and over to demonstrate their COVID-19 status via the NHS COVID Pass upon arrival at the festival gates before entering, by providing ONE of the following:

✔️ Proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test taken within 24 hours of arrival at the festival gates


✔️ Proof of being vaccinated with both doses (with the second dose being received at least 14 days before the festival)


✔️ Proof of natural immunity following a positive PCR test (providing it has been at least 10 days since your PCR test and up to 180 days after taking the test) 

Camping ticket holders will also be required to take a second NHS Lateral Flow Test during the event on Friday 13th August and log their results in the NHS COVID Pass. Camping ticket holders must bring Lateral Flow Tests with them to take at the festival. 

<< Please order your Lateral Flow Tests well in advance here >>

Face masks are not compulsory, but they are encouraged and welcomed for those who would prefer to wear them.

Find out more by reading our FAQs below. 

We also recommend you read Festival Safe's guides who give expert advice about getting back into festivals so you know what to do to have an epic, unforgettable five days. We can’t wait to see you all at the beach!


►  What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?
►  I have been told to self-isolate, what should I do?
►  What if I, or someone coming to Boardmasters with me is identified as a close contact before or whilst we are at the event?
►  What happens if someone who is double vaccinated tests positive for Covid-19 prior to the event?
►  How do I gain entry to Boardmasters?
►  Do I take my test at home or on arrival?
►  Who can attend?
►  When do I need to take my Lateral Flow Tests?
►  How many NHS Lateral Flow Tests tests do I need to take?
►  Do we have to bring/ provide our own Lateral Flow Tests?
►  What's re-testing day?
►  Do I have to retest on Friday if I'm double vaccinated or have immunity?
►  How do I register my Friday retest in the NHS App when there may be no signal? What if I run out of battery?
►  How will you monitor the Lateral Flow Test results on the Friday retest?
►  If I have a 3 Day No Camping ticket, do I test everyday?
►  Do my children have to take an NHS LFD test to attend?
►  How do I obtain an NHS LFD test?
►  I'm fully vaccinated, do I need to provide proof of a negative NHS LFD test?
►  I’m having issues with the NHS App and/or registering with the NHS website. What should I do?
►  What is the NHS App?
►  What is the difference between the NHS Covid-19 App and the NHS App?
►  How do I prove my negative NHS Lateral Flow Device Test?
►  Residents of Scotland
►  Residents of Wales
►  Residents of Northern Ireland or outside of the UK
►  Can I bring my physical negative Lateral Flow Test as proof, or can I take a photo of it?
►  Can I come to Boardmasters if I'm not fully vaccinated?
►  Will I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend the festival?
►  I recently tested positive for COVID-19, how will I provide proof of a negative test result?
►  Can I get tested on site?
►  What precautions will the festival be taking to minimise the risk?
►  Will I have to wear a face covering / practice social distancing during the event?
►  What happens if I test positive at the festival?
►  Will Boardmasters still feel like the same festival we know and love?
►  What is the After Parties Covid Policy?
►  I do not want to attend the event, will I get a refund?
►  I’m in a vulnerable group and no longer want to attend the event, will I get a refund?
►  If I’m unable to come due to travel restrictions (including cancelled trains or coaches), will I get a refund?
►  If I’m unable to come due to [any scenarios that trigger a refund event], will my travel / accommodation / other costs be refunded?
►  If I’m unable to come due to [any scenarios that trigger a refund event], can the other ticket holders in my party also be refunded?
►  If an artist pulls out or is unable to attend the festival, will I get a refund?
►  If I don’t want to take a COVID-19 test to gain entry to the festival, can I get a refund?
►  If I test positive can I rollover my ticket to 2022?
►  If I'm told to isolate, can I rollover my ticket to 2022?
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