Campsite Information

With Boardmasters 2017 getting nearer and nearer it's time to get thinking about where you and your mates want to pitch up camp for your weekend of all things surf, beachside living and music. We've given you the lowdown of all the campsites at Watergate Bay so you can head straight for your chosen one as soon as you get through the festival gates. 

Please note: you do not need to pre-book your campsite, simply turn up on the day and head to your chosen spot!

Campsite Wristband Exchange Opening Times: Every day 08:00 - 23:00
Campsite Opening Times: Wednesday 08:00 to Monday 14:00
VIP Camping: The VIP campsite is spacious with posh toilets, private showers and 24-hour security, more info.
Glamping: If you want to add a touch of luxury to your festival experience, then the Cloud Nine Boutique Campsite is the choice for you, more info.
Pre-pitched tents: Pre-pitched tents start at as little as £10 per night, more info
Food & Catering:  In amongst the thousands of tents you will come across the Campsite Village, a central hub within the campsites. Here you will find plenty of food and drink options. 
Toilets: Located in multiple locations around the campsites. Please help us by keeping them clean; it will be mutually beneficial. Please do not use the surrounding areas or bushes.
Drinking Water: Available free from multiple taps throughout the camping areas
Quiet/Family Camping: Kirra is our designated family camp site. Rincon and Mavericks are designated chilled camping.
Alcohol Allowance: Strict limits apply, see here for more info
Prohibited: Glass, BBQs, aerosols, camp fires and more, see here
Showers: Free in VIP camping and £3 (cash only) in general camping (located in Campsite Village). Showers will be cleaned throughout the weekend. Please be aware that the queues can be long first thing in the morning.
Live Music/DJs: In the Campsite Village you'll find plenty of entertainment from cinema to live DJs and more.




Pe’ahi (Jaws) is on the North Shore of Maui and is located about 3 miles out to sea.  Jaws is one of the most dangerous waves in the world and takes balls of steel to surf.  Jaws burst onto the scene along with tow-in surfing in the early 90’s, with pioneers like Laird Hamilton conquering the mountainous faces.  If you are looking for house size perfect barrelling right-handers, then this is the place.  Although you’d be better (and safer) sat on shore with a good pair of binoculars and watching the madness unveil. Just like the name suggests, Jaws is the biggest of all the campsites. It's only a short walk to the arena and shuttle buses. The south-west corner is on lower ground and sheltered from Mother Nature, the north-east side has a sweet view down into the valley. Head here if you're up for a party when the main arena goes quiet.


Often referred to as Tavarua and located at the Tavarua Island Surf resort.  This is a perfect left-hander and is made up of three sections, Top point, Middles and Insides.  You will be blessed with perfect vertical walls for big power carves, and perfect stand up barrels. This is why Cloudbreak is one of Kelly Slaters favourite waves. If one of the VIPs of surfing votes it as one of his favourite waves it's got to be worthy of all your VIP campers out there! The campsite offers more room per person, more toilets and showers so you don't have to queue as well as some food stalls so you don't have to battle the queues. 


Found in central Sumbawa, Lakeys Peak churns out perfect waves with 30-40 metre lefts and rights on offer.  The mid-tide left-hander offers some smackable walls and perfect barrels - this wave will defo get your stoke levels off the charts and get you buzzing. There's a lot of fun to be had on your doorstep at Lakeys with fairground rides running until 3am. It's for the adrenaline junkie that doesn't want to go to bed rather than those of you that will happily retreat back to your tent when the headliners have finished. There's a little brook that runs through the south of the field for those of you that like the sound of running water to send you to sleep when you eventually feel like a couple of zzz's.

Bells Beach

Bells is Victoria's, Australia, most famous surf spot and well known for its long, powerful, carvable walls. Bells hosts the longest running surf comp and rightfully holds its place in the surfing history books. Bells is a sweet place to set up camp if you don't want to have to lug your bags too far as it's right next to Weekend parking. It's pretty handy for the campsite-village and due to the size it's really spacious too. Head here if you want somewhere a bit more secluded and sheltered from the elements. 


Australia's best and most well-known point break. Despite breaking over a sand bottom it does not stop Kirra from being a less gnarly than some of her comrades - big dredging barrels and massive air drops mean you will need speed and skill to negotiate this slabby right-hander. When Kirra is on, Coolangatta' surfing population is probably on it too.  Kirra campsite has been the designated 'chilled' campsite - it's a small field for those who want it slightly more chilled and want to take in the Cornish scenes.


Located in SoCal, Malibu is a dream right-hand point break and one of Cali's most famous waves. This is easy to tell when you see the huge crowds roll up. With three separate take off points you might be lucky to catch a wave by yourself and have the ride of your life. Similar to the wave, this campsite attracts the big crowds as it's the first site you enter from the weekend parking and let's face it, nobody wants to have to carry all their stuff far if they can help it. Stick with this campsite if you're up for being in the thick of the atmosphere for the weekend.


Found on Hawaii’s North Shore, Waimea is the world premier paddle big wave spot.  With deep water swells suddenly hitting the lava shelf, 20-25 ft waves can appear out of nowhere, culminating in the famous Waimea air drops down massive faces, before being chased by 1000’s of gallons of water.  Anyone wanting to paddle into his monster will need to get their guns out and massive kahunas. If you're after a bit more space away from the masses in Malibu then head east to Waimea as it usually has more space, especially the further east you go.


Just north of Taghazout, Morocco, Boilers got its name from a washed up ship boiler. Entry into the water is treacherous with consistent right-handers rolling in. If you avoid the chicken heads when paddling out you will be greeted with long vertical walls before having to time your exit from this sketchy break. Crowds are high and so is the risk, but the rewards are so worth it. The location of Boilers is pretty ideal if you want to be right next to all the action as it's located right by the main festival site and it's pretty handy for the shuttle buses too!

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