Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tickets & Payments

► When will my ticket arrive?

► Where can I purchase tickets from?

► Can I upgrade my ticket?

► What's included with a Boardmasters Ticket?

► Do I need to purchase a ticket to watch the surfing competitions?

► What are the Beach Sessions and After Parties? Are they separate events?

► Do I need a ticket for my car or campervan?

► When will my tickets be delivered?

► What is the deposit scheme?

► How do I pay off my balance?

► I'm not the card holder, my name is not on the ticket, is this an issue?

► Can I have a refund?


Travel & Parking

► Why is there a £10 charge to re-enter the carpark?

► Can I bring my campervan or motorhome?

► Can I sleep in my car?

► Can I use my converted car/van/truck in the Campervan Field

► Can I park my car in the campsite next to my tent?

► Is disabled parking available for Blue Badge holders?

► How can I get from Watergate Bay to Fistral Beach?


Camping & Accommodation

► Where can I stay during the festival?

► Can I reserve a camping place?

► Can I camp for one night only?

► Will there be showering facilities?

► Can I bring my cooker?


Entry, Access & Policy

► What event security measures are in place?

► I'm only 15 (or younger), can I still come?

► What facilities are available for disabled access?

► Is there a carer scheme in place?

► Will there be entrance queues?

► Is there re-admission into the festival?

► Are pets allowed onsite?

► Can I bring my own alcohol?

► What is the drugs policy?


Other questions

► When are stage/set times released?

► What and when are the Beach Sessions?

► What and when are the After Parties?

► What takes place at Fistral Beach?

► What takes place at Watergate Bay?

► Can I charge my mobile phone?

► Will I get reception on my mobile phone?

► Can I pay by credit/debit card for drinks etc. in the arena?

► Will there be cash machines?

► What lighting is used?

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