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We're helping to protect the Cornish Coastline and making steps towards creating a greener, cleaner festival! Without the beautiful Cornish Coastline and awesome Atlantic Ocean, where would Boardmasters be? Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach combine to make a pretty awesome festival site – so it’s in our best interest to look after it. But to do this we need YOUR help. Each year, almost 150,000 people come to Newquay during the week of Boardmasters for an amazing celebration of surf and music. That’s a lot of people and a big impact – hence our need to make some changes, which we hope will make a difference.

To keep our Cornish haven as stunning as ever we've worked closely with Surfers Against Sewage to introduce a number of ways we can all reduce our environmental impact. As the festival continues to grow, our environmental impact will grow too – but that doesn’t mean it needs to have a negative one.


Commitments for 2018

Litter Bond  All tickets bought online included a £10 ‘Litter Bond’ deposit. Festival goers will receive bin bags which they must return full of their litter to reclaim their £10.
Green Team Expansion  Back for 2018 and bigger than ever! Allowing them to deliver more rubbish bags, and make even more positive connections with festival goers.
Litter Asbos  For a bit of fun, stickers will be attached to tents of particularly messy festival goers to ‘encourage’ them to recognise the impact they are having on the environment.
Sponsors and Traders Green Policies  From banning plastic cutlery and straws to ensuring plastic-free goodie bags, all caterers, traders and sponsors must comply with strict guidelines that will massively reduce the amount of single use plastics being used at the festival.
Litter 999  Litter or waste management issues will be flagged immediately to the Green Team by the Boardmasters crew. 
First on Last Off’ Beach Cleans  Of course the beaches surrounding the festival are a massive draw for festival goers, who can sometimes ‘forget’ to #LeaveNoTrace! Boardmasters recognise how much local people love their beaches and have committed to sending a special highly visible ‘Beach Clean Team’ to each of the local beaches at the start and end of every day
Campsite Clean-up  A massively accelerated initial clean-up operation means that Boardmasters have committed to removing the bulk of the refuse from the campsites by the end of Tuesday after the event
Cup Deposit Scheme  Hugely successful in 2017, cups bought at festival bars can be returned for recycling for a 10p ‘return reward’.
Sustainability Survey  Looking to the future this in-depth consultant lead assessment will address major elements such as; travel and transport, power provision and energy management, solid waste and recycling, water supply, wastewater and sewage, procurement and use of resources, and communication of policies.

Pick Up for Pete

What makes Boardmasters so special is its cliff-edge location at Trebelsue Farm.  Farm-owner Pete lets us use his land and in return we have dedicated ourselves to keeping his land clean and ‘picking up’ for Pete.  To keep the site clean there will be bins for recycling and general waste, so if you have any waste please make sure it goes in the correct bin.  

If you’re camping at Boardmasters and you want do your part, grab a bag for recycling and one for general waste from one of our Green Team volunteers. Once these bags are full, bring them to the waste point in your campsite and put them in the recycling or general bin. Don’t forget you can also take a bag of rubbish to the litter bond exchange point to get your litter bond money back!  We can’t meet our goals without your help, so please only pack essentials, any extra stuff will just weigh you down and could end up as rubbish on Pete’s farm. Your tent will miss you if you leave it behind, in fact it will wait for you for hundreds of years in a landfill. Look after your tent then take it home with you, ready to make more memories at future Boardmasters.

Fistral Beach  Please don’t litter the beaches, it ruins the surf, pollutes the water and harms the wildlife.  It’s very important that you put your rubbish in the correct bins and use butt bins for your cigarettes.



► The Boardmasters' Green Team

► The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

► Boardmasters and Surfers Against Sewage


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