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We offer any local residents who permanently live within our catchment area the opportunity to apply for tickets to attend Boardmasters Festival. The festival catchment area is outlined below.

2019 applications are now open and you can apply HERE.

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► Applications close 28th June 5pm – NO EXCEPTIONS 
► Ticket type: Three-Day-Non-Camping (max two per household)
► Evidence to provide: Proof of address (such as a utility bill) that is valid in the last three months. Boardmasters will not use your information for third party use.
► Local Resident Tickets are subject to an obligatory £20 charity donation per ticket with all proceeds going to The Boardmasters Foundation which funds local charities and projects. To learn more about the work we do with The Boardmasters Foundation or to make an application for funding, click here.


In 2018 we will be operating a new shuttle bus stop in Blue Car Park. This will cut down pedestrian movement across Watergate Road and reduce delays for local drivers whilst the road is open.

A road closure on Watergate Road between Blue Car Park and the bottom of the hill at Watergate Bay will create a safe, sterile crossing between our main arena and campsites for festival goers. The road closure will be in operation 16.00 - 03.00 from Wednesday 8th August - Sunday 12th August.

As a measure to further reduce local traffic during the event we will implement a £20 car park re-entry fee to encourage use of our shuttle bus services.   

Monday departures will be improved for customers and local residents by making better use of the multiple routes away from the site to the A30. Traffic management teams will be based at key junctions and roundabouts in order to spread exiting festival traffic across the available road capacity.

Additional high capacity trains travelling to and from Newquay have been added to Great Western Railways services over the Boardmasters weekend.


Sign up to the local residents' newsletter mailing list HERE.

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