Camplight Pre-Pitched Tents

Camplight Pre-Pitched Tents

Stay with Camplight in our bid to reduce campsite waste. Pre-pitched tents start at as little as £55 and when you arrive a tent will be set up in the Camplight village which is in the Jaws Campsite meaning you will be able to travel light and have more room for your surfboards.  Plus, when it’s all over no pressure to pack down and take it all home, just leave all the camp equipment behind with the peace of mind that it will not go to waste. Find more about Camplight here

Please note: Festival tickets are not included in your accommodation price and you must have a Camping Weekend ticket to purchase Camplight tents. Prices exclude booking fee. Images are representative of the structures but there may be some slight variations to the structures, internal content and colors.



These popular no-hassle tent packages are a great option for festival-goers who would like added luxury without breaking the bank.

  • 1 Person Tent Package incl: 1 x pop up tent, 1 x therm rest and 1 x Sleeping bag
  • 2 Person Tent Package incl: 1 x Pop up tent, 2 x roll mats, and 2 x sleeping bags
  • Upgraded 2 Person Tent Package incl: 1 x pop up tent, 1 x Double inflatable mattresses and 2 x sleeping bags. (Great for a couple who want a bit more room or have a child.)
  • Tent for 4 incl: 4 person tent, some have one BIG sleeping compartment but most have two smaller compartments; some you can stand in, others you cannot.
  • Tent for 5 incl: 5 person tent, these tents are generally designed for a family because they normally have one BIG compartment. You can nearly always stand in them and they will have a porch area where you can sit and relax
  • Tent for 6 incl: 6 person tent, now you're getting into the BIG tents. These generally all have a place where you can sit a few people in the porch area


  • 1 Person Tent Package : £56
  • 2 Person Tent Package: £120
  • Upgraded 2 Person Tent Package: £165
  • Tent for 4: £190
  • Tent for 5: £250
  • Tent for 6: £310



These extras can only be brought if you have purchased a Camplight tent (please note that the Camplight tent packages already include some of these extras)

  • Single Air Bed: This will be inflated and ready for you when you arrive.
    Price: £12
  • Double Air bed: This will be inflated and ready for you when you arrive.
    Price: £18
  • Camp Bed: The bed has legs so you will be guaranteed not to feel the bumps and lumps of the ground underneath!
    Price: £12
  • Roll Mat: 2 laid out Roll mats in a double layer. Roll mats are the ultra-lightweight essential option for warmth and comfort while camping.
    Price: £7
  • Therm Rest: 1 Therm Rest, even though they are thinner than air-beds some find them more comfortable!
    Price: £9
  • Camp chair: Please understand that all the chairs are rescued after being abandoned at previous events campsites. This means they are all different brands and colors and not all the same.
    Price: £6
  • Sleeping Bag: It’s a clean and warm single sleeping bag! Generally, about 90% of these are polyester and they come in different colours.
    Price: £15


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