COVID – 19 

  • As current guidelines are constantly changing, we’ll be updating this page with all of the relevant COVID regulations closer to the event. Please do check back to make sure that you are fully prepared before you arrive on site. We will be asking everyone to adhere to all government guidance as a condition of them being on-site and any requirements we deem appropriate to safely attend the festival which may include but is not limited to; Covid testing and providing contact tracing information.

Boardmasters Festival will ask all ticket holders aged 11 and over to demonstrate their COVID-19 status via the NHS COVID Pass upon arrival at the festival gates before entering, by providing ONE of the following:

✔️ Proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test taken within 24 hours of arrival at the festival gates


✔️ Proof of being vaccinated with both doses (with the second dose being received at least 14 days before the festival)


✔️ Proof of natural immunity following a positive PCR test (providing it has been at least 10 days since your PCR test and up to 180 days after taking the test)

Camping ticket holders will also be required to take a second NHS Lateral Flow Test during the event on Friday 13th August and log their results in the NHS COVID Pass. Camping ticket holders must bring Lateral Flow Tests with them to take at the festival.

Please order your Lateral Flow Tests well in advance here.

Please read through the full Covid-19 Policy & FAQs here.


  • No illegal substances are allowed under any circumstances. 
  • Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be evicted from the site and refused further entry. All illegal substances incidents will be reported to the police. 
  • Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees or individual tents at any time. 
  • Any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the event site immediately and may be reported to the police. 
  • Please stay out of areas marked out of bounds. 
  • It is prohibited to enter the event site under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances. You may be denied access without the right to a ticket refund. 
  • It is prohibited to enter the event site if experiencing symptoms of, r have tested positive in the last 10 days or a period of time defined by NHS or Government guidance or have been asked to isolate for Covid-19 within the period of the festival. You may be denied access without the right to a ticket refund. It is also prohibited to remain on site or re-enter the site if the any of the above become relevant during your time at the festival. 
  • The event organisers reserve the right to deny access to the event or remove a person from the event when they feel there is a valid reason to do so. Valid reasons could be, but are not limited to, possession of weapons, possession or use of illegal substances, aggressive or lewd behaviour to other visitors, traders or staff, indecent clothing, any act in violation of UK law or violation of these site rules. 
  • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the Arena. 
  • Without written permission from the organisers it is forbidden to sell goods or services on the festival site, car park, campsite or venue grounds. 
  • It is prohibited to distribute flyers, posters and/or banners or other promotional activities at the event area and/or parking areas without the written consent of the organisers. 
  • Guests must behave respectfully to each other, festival staff, volunteers, traders and anyone else they may meet on the festival grounds. Verbal and physical violence will not be tolerated. If you have a dispute, please contact a member of security. 
  • Mistreating of volunteers and staff will result in immediate removal from site. Volunteers and staff are on site to help the event run smoothly, giving up their time and enjoyment of the festival for everyone else to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Please respect them and treat them as you wish to be treated. Any mistreatment of the team will be dealt with accordingly. 
  • Please do not bring anything to site that could be considered an offense under the offensive weapons act. More info here.


  • In order to enter the festival, visitors require a valid festival ticket. A valid festival ticket can be purchased online. Each ticket barcode is unique and only the first person to display the original barcode on the ticket will be admitted into the venue. Ticket copying is strictly forbidden. The purchaser is fully responsible for using both the ticket original and the duplicate. The festival organizers cannot be held accountable for harmful or malevolent ticket use. Tickets are non-refundable and transferable. 
  • Please be aware that your bags may be checked when you enter the festival site. Ticket Holders agree, if asked, to provide proof of age and/or personal identification at the entrance gates or when being served alcohol during the event. 
  • Please observe the 5mph speed limit when driving on site to the car park areas. 
  • Please take care of your personal belongings as organisers cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items. 
  • A list of items that are prohibited for entry are contained in our website FAQ’s. 
  • It is not allowed to bring food or non-alcoholic beverages to the festival grounds other than on the camping area for personal use and in limited quantities as stated on our website. Personal alcohol is only allowed in the camping site in the quantities also stated on our website. 


  • The only pets allowed on site are registered assistance dogs. On arrival, please let the welcome and/or information team see your certification and ensure that your dog is wearing its official vest/jacket, as they will not be allowed on site without these. 


  • Alcohol will only be available for purchase to those of legal drinking age (18+) Please bring photo ID. Anyone found to be using illegitimate ID will be reported to the Police. 
  • Buying alcohol for people under the age of 18 is illegal. If we notice you doing this, we reserve the right to remove you from the event without the right to a refund and you may be reported to the authorities. 
  • Anyone deemed to be under the influence of excess alcohol will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. 


  • Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience or as part of performance. All video, photo and audio materials acquired on festival site is subject to be used in promotional materials for the festival without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Festival and its Organizers. 
  • Visitors are free to bring their own photography and/or recording devices for non-commercial use only provided it cannot be deemed professional standard equipment, please contact us through the website if you need more detail. 
  • Professional-standard photography or videography equipment is only allowed on site with prior agreement of the organisers media team. If you are a media professional and wish to film or photograph the event, please contact us prior to the event. 
  • Drones are not allowed in any part of the festival site.  


  • Alcohol in glass, or any other glass item is forbidden. 
  • Illegal substances and/or Nitrous Oxide cannisters are forbidden. 
  • NO campfires or fire pits. Any attempt to build or light one and you will be ejected from site.  
  • Strictly NO independent sound systems. You will be ejected from site under any circumstances that these are visible or in use. 
  • Take pride in your surroundings - use the bins to dispose of your litter. 
  • Please be considerate when pitching your tent.  There are no specific pitch sizes but if you arrange your tents in such a way to take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group you will be asked to re pitch or take some of your tents down.  
  • Fireworks, Chinese lanterns, flares or pyrotechnics are forbidden. 
  • The event organisers reserve the right to deny access to the campsite or remove a person from the campsite when they feel there is a valid reason to do so. Valid reasons could be, but are not limited to, possession of weapons, possession or use of illegal substances, aggressive or lewd behaviour to other visitors, traders or staff, indecent clothing, any act in violation of UK law or violation of these site rules. 



  • These site rules will be kept up to date until the time of the festival and all attendees should keep up to date with latest requirements before attending, please revisit these site rules on a weekly basis and at the start of the event week for the most up to date information. 
  • The organisers reserve the right to amend these site rules at any time without prior notification. 
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