Sustainability and an awareness of our impact on the local environment and community has been part of our ethos at Boardmasters since the beginning. Working with our environmental consultants, we are building on the existing work we’ve been doing and introducing new initiatives in an aim to continually make Boardmasters one of the most environmentally conscious and low-impact festivals in the market.

We are not perfect yet but striving to make progress in key areas such as reduction of single-use plastics, the reduction of overall waste and increase in recycling, the reduction of our carbon footprint and for Boardmasters to work harmoniously within the local environment and with local communities. These are areas we believe we can make positive impact and change.


View some of the key environmental and sustainable actions implemented throughout the festival over the years.


2019 & BEYOND

In our most robust sustainability strategy yet, we're proud to unveil our key goals and plans that we will implement over the next three years. We will:
• Eradicate all non-essential single-use plastic by 2020
• Protect Cornwall and the Atlantic Ocean by reducing the amount of our non-recyclable waste and increasing recycling
• Reduce our carbon footprint
• Continuing to support local communities and projects through the Boardmasters Foundation, borne out of our desire to give back and support local culture and surrounding communities. The Foundation raised an incredible £53,636 last year to support Cornwall-based charities and projects and will continue do so at this year’s festival.

►  Eradicating all non-essential single-use plastic by 2020
►  Reduction in overall waste
►  Reduction in carbon footprint
►  An event that works harmoniously with the local community and local environment



Since 2001, we’ve worked side-by-side with long-standing partner SAS to develop and implement environmental strategies for the festival and the surrounding areas. In 2018, SAS were the largest beneficiary of the Boardmasters Foundation, receiving £20,000 to support their invaluable work to protect the UK’s coastlines.


Help us to protect the Cornish coastline and create a greener, cleaner festival! Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach combine to make a stunning festival site and to keep it that way, we need your help…

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