If you have any kind of  Camping ticket  you can arrive and set up camp any day as the campsite wristband exchange will be open throughout the festival. 

Wednesday is set to be a busy day on the roads. To avoid queues and for an easy journey we advise you arrive Thursday or Friday morning. Don't worry, we've tweaked the layout of our main campsites so you'll have much more more space. There is no need to rush to camp. 


Dropping or picking someone up? Please head for our BLUE GATE and follow traffic marshall instructions. 

Being picked up? Easy. Head to the festival entrance (by the main arena) and you’ll be directed to the pick up point. 

BLUE GATE will be sign posted from the A30


Boardmasters will once again be working with Big Green Coach in 2020, providing a low cost, sustainable way to get to and from your favourite festival. 

As our Official Travel Partner they have ‘Ticket & Travel Packages’ or you can buy coach travel on its own. 

They will run a weekend coach service. Choose to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and Big Green Coach will get you home safely on Monday morning. 

It’s a long drive for most of you so take the hassle out of organising travel, and party hard on Sunday night, so you can sleep all the way back! 

With 23 pick-up points across the UK, check out the timetable here to see if there is somewhere near you.

Return journey’s start from just £42 

You’ll be dropped off in the Official Coach Park inside the festival gates, no one gets you closer! 

DEPOSIT SCHEME – if you’re skint, no worries, Big Green Coach have got you covered. 
Secure your coach seat for just a tenner and you can pay the rest off later or choose a Ticket & Travel package which includes both your festival ticket and your coach ticket which can be secured from just a £30 deposit. 

✅It’s easy

✅You’ll meet other festivalgoers

✅It’s more sustainable. One full coach takes on average 10 cars of the road. Plus, Big Green Coach plant one tree for every full coach.

✅ You’ll be tired. Enjoy a snooze on the way home

If everyone travelled by coach, the overall carbon emissions of Boardmasters would be reduced drastically, so thanks for looking at greener travel. You’ll be taking congestion off the roads around site, PLUS Big Green Coach will protect 5 square ft of Rainforest for 10 years for EVERY customer that travels with them! 



Take the stress out of your journey and reduce your carbon footprint by taking the train to Newquay. Shuttle buses will run approx every 15 minutes from Newquay station once the first trains arrive on Wednesday. 

✅ Book in advance via GWR when tickets are released in 2020

✅ You will need a reservation to travel on the train

✅ Some services don’t take surf boards. Check luggage info

✅ Remember your railcard (if you have one)



As with most festivals and major events, there may be slow moving traffic on the roads near the festival. Please be patient. We’ll get you into our car parks as quick as we can. Peak arrival time will be 10-2pm on Wednesday 5 August. Roads will be extremely busy. To avoid sitting in a queue we strongly advise you arrive outside of these hours.

✅ Avoid peak time by arriving before or after 10am-2pm 

✅ Pre-book your parking ticket 

✅ Stick your parking ticket to your windscreen before arriving to speed up getting into the car park (or print your e-ticket)

✅ Follow directions of traffic marshalls 

✅ As you enter the site, please keep up with the car in front of you, to help keep traffic flowing 

✅ Bring some water to drink in your car

✅ Please respect our neighbours. 


What do I put in my sat nav?

GREEN CAR PARK, Boardmasters Festival, Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay, Newquay, TR8 4HR

BLUE CAR PARK, Boardmasters Festival, Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay, Newquay, TR8 4AN

Once you get to the A30, ignore your sat nav and follow Boardmasters road signs and traffic marshalls. We may use alternative roads to ease traffic, so once you see our signs and traffic marshalls, follow them and not your sat nav. 


Do you charge re-entry?

Yes, re-entry is £20. We charge re-entry to GREEN CAR PARK discourage unnecessary car journeys and minimise our impact on the local environment. If you fancy heading to the beach or Newquay hop on a shuttle bus or following our walking directions.  


Taking a break

Take a break if you have a long drive. Cornwall Services are on the A30 (they may be busy at peak time).



As with most festivals and major events, it will take a bit of time to leave our car parks. Please be patient. We’ll get you on the road as soon as we can. 

✅ Follow directions from car park staff

✅ Avoid peak time by leaving Sunday night/early Monday morning

✅ Don’t be that person who tries to jump the queue

✅ Bring some water to drink

✅ Please respect our neighbours as you leave the festival 



Newquay Airport have flights coming into the city daily. See flight details and schedules here: Taxis are available at the airport and will drop off at Blue Car Park.

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